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What Is Entertainment Betting?

Sports betting has long gone beyond the world of sports. Entertainment is becoming more and more popular in the field of betting and can take an unexpected form. Increasingly, bookmakers offer a betting market for events in show business, culture or politics. Where can you usually find these types of bets? It has been assumed that betting sites place them in the side panel at the very end of it. They are usually marked in the category of special bets, entertainment, and politics. 

Entertainment is a broad category, so often as a user you may be surprised by the breadth of the bookmaker offer. In fact, this category could include any event prepared at the request of the customer. The best examples of the connection of the culture with bookmakers are Oscars or Golden Globes, which are very popular every year. There are both best film award winners, as well as best actor, best actress or best director awards. Oscars are a relatively rewarding area to bet on as there are often surprises and good odds can be hunted down. Due to the huge popularity of the Oscar gala, the bookmakers prepare a wide offer on their websites.The award granted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is a kind of prelude to the Oscars. The gala takes place on the first days of the New Year and due to the fact that it concerns a similar range of films, the awards given at the ceremony often coincide with what we see a few weeks later during the Oscar gala. Therefore, many tipsters treat the Golden Globes as the best hint on what to consider on the coupon they are preparing.

Political events are another special category that also appear on bookmakers' offers, mainly in the case of election results, on which you can earn quite a lot.

Betting on soccer prizes

FIFA The Best and the Golden Ball are the most prestigious awards in football. The gala takes place in December during a break in the competition and their aim is to select the best players of the past 12 months. Additionally, the team of the year and the goal of the year are selected. It is true that the result of the competition is usually known or the choice is limited to two players, but the emotions associated with granting this prize are so great that this type of entertainment bet is also included in the bookmakers' offer.

Bets on the Nobel Prize

One of the most prestigious awards in the world, selecting winners in the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and the Nobel Peace Prize. It is extremely difficult to predict who will receive this award in a given year. Typically, typers try to predict the winners in the categories of literature and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Sometimes unusual bets are placed in the entertainment category, such as who will play the main role of Agent 007 in the Bond series, or which cardinal will become the next pope. Some bookmakers have even prepared offers to predict the weather for the next day.  Certainly, if you do not want to get bored and place a custom coupon, entertainment betting is the right place.

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